EVENTS: Novel readings!


Image ‘Vampire Zone’ by Enokson on Flickr, Creative Commons licensed for reproduction

BIG news, my fangtastic followers!

I have quite a few novel readings coming up for anyone interested in hearing my novel being read aloud!

On the 21st of February, I am doing a reading for City University’s LGBT Society from 6pm in Islington. (Message City University LGBT Soc on Facebook for more details.)

On the 22nd February, I am doing a free reading at Westminster Reference Library, from 6.30. I am delighted to say that the LGBT performance poets Sophia Blackwell and Roz Kaveney will also be reading their work. Sophia is a regular host for Apples and Snakes and is also a three-time poetry performer at Glastonbury; the Edinburgh Fringe and other festivals. She has taught workshops for the LGBT community, written for Time Out magazine, and has one collection of poetry published and a novel which was published earlier last year. Roz is a science fiction and fantasy writer and critic who has written for the Guardian and written extensively on vampire hunters (hurrah!) She is also the deputy editor of the transgender-related magazine META. Sophia will be reading some of her Gothic poetry and excerpts from her novel, After My Own Heart. Roz will be reading from her novel Rituals. I am pleased to say that the event will be compered by Niranjan Kamatkar, artistic director of Wise Thoughts – an arts charity for LGBT communities and G-Fest, an arts festival for LGBT people. (

For more information on Sophia and Roz, please check out their websites at and

It would be great to see as many people as possible at Westminster Reference Library for what I’m sure will be a fabulous and fangtastic* night, but please email to book a place as space is limited.

Be there or be square! 😉

*yep, it’s the pun that just won’t die


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