Party Like a Vampire!


Image from *Just for the record, that is SO not me in the picture above…

 As this is a blog about and for a novel on vampires, I often find myself glued to my computer researching all kinds of crazy vampire-related stuff. (And some of it definitely IS crazy- be warned.) After all, it pays to write about what you know, and even the littlest thing can trigger off fantastic flights of the imagination- especially in me! As anyone who knows me can testify, I hate horror movies and abhor violence, and yet in writing The Breathing Ghosts I was able to fully express all the dark meanderings of my imagination, and embrace what is, apparently, an entirely alternative vampire subculture. Thanks to the behemoths of Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, the Internet is crammed with online forums for ‘real-life’ vampire communities, vampire wikis, Facebook fan pages for vampire characters and even a vampire almanac. (Which actually, is a very good resource on all things fiendish and fanged:

…But before you nod off into a boredom induced coma, and start dreaming of Edward/Stefan/Damon/Eric/Sookie/Bill/Vlad/Violet, etc- wait! If you really do want to take a walk on the wild side, you really can party like a vampire. For your devilish delectation I have compiled my own mini-compendium of ghoulish and vampiric events and happenings…


  1. Party like a Vampire: Yes, really. The Endless Night Vampire Ball is throwing a circus-themed ball for the undead and the uninhibited on the 13th of April in the heart of Paris (which, as any Anne Rice fan will know, is the fictional home of the Theatre des Vampires and the angel-faced, demon-hearted Vampire Armand.) The fashion blogger Gala Darling was lucky enough to go to the one held in New York and wrote a great article on it here:

Entertainment will be courtesy of a conjuror, a fireshow, a vampire burlesque (no kidding,) custom prosthetic fangs by Sabretooth (only for the truly brave) and also the French vampire horror writer Morgane Cassarieu. Outlandish costumes and ghoulish get-ups are a must.  If you don’t fancy hopping on the Eurostar in your velvet cape or corset, then Endless Night will also be tearing up New Orleans on the 26th of October at the House of Blues. Be warned: This is not for the frail of heart- previous themes have included ‘Cthulu Apocalypse’** and in October the theme will be ‘Zompire.’ (Zombies + vampires, naturally.)  Check out

  1. Join a Vampire Society: If you fancy something a little closer to home, then the London Vamypre Society is the place to go for anyone looking to peel back the mysteries of the undead. It holds regular meetings and has an online archive of its own magazine, ‘Chronicles.’ ( Speaking of magazines…also check out ‘Bite Me’ magazine, which is available via subscription, online and on Facebook. ‘Real Vampire Life’ is also an online e-zine celebrating vampire culture, with a thriving online community, news and info.
  1. Feeling creative? Immerse yourself in This wonderful blog shows you and any nimble-fingered friends you might have how to create vampire party food, a vampire themed baby room (can’t decide whether this is a tad creepy or just plain cool) a ‘Sookie Stackhouse Cross-stitch’ a Vampire Diaries frame, and yep, you guessed it, a Twilight-themed poodle skirt. Well worth a peek, even if, like me, you can’t sew to save your life.
  1. Anyone like my post on The Breathing Ghosts mixtape? Looking for some more angsty emo gothic music to get those creative juices flowing? Check out – a 24/7 radio station ‘for vampyres’ (but hey, even a hippy like me could access it, so they can’t be that picky) specializing in gothic, industrial, romance and emo music. On the same note (pun intended) who knew there was a ‘black metal’ band called Lestat? As in, the Lestat? (Hopefully you can tell from the quotation marks that I’m not exactly sure what ‘black metal’ is, but I suppose it must be suitably grim, gothic and angsty.) I can almost hear multiple iPods syncing as I type…
  1. Want to see more vampires on screen (uh, who doesn’t?) Well then, you may be interested to learn that the ever-brooding Johnathan Rhys-Meyers (he of Tudors fame) has bagged the lead role of the ever-brooding Dracula in a new series to be aired on NBC soon. ( Feast your eyes and sharpen your fangs:
  1. Want to see vampires up close and personal on the big screen instead? The Vampire Film Festival will be up and running this weekend in Los Angeles. And if you can’t snap your fingers, swish your cape and fly like a bat all the way to L.A., fear not- their website is full of useful info, including film titles (why not have your OWN film festival?) and book suggestions. ( – mention of The Breathing Ghosts I see…)

So, in conclusion, hopefully you can see from my mini-list all the weird and wonderful things there are to do when you take a walk on the (dark) side. You have no more excuses for boring weekends watching a box set of True Blood again! Be safe, be yourself, and have fun!

** And if you don’t know about Cthulhu, get yourself some H.P. Lovecraft- quick! (


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