Short story collection launch: ‘The Ghosts’ Feast’


I’m thrilled to announce that my new short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast, is now available to buy on and!

I decided to write The Ghosts’ Feast because I felt that many of the minor characters within The Breathing Ghosts had their own stories to tell. It was my intention to investigate these stories, to explore them and ultimately connect them, letting each story have its own voice and time period. The Ghosts’ Feast also gave me a chance to introduce new dark and deviant characters and sub-plots which will feature in my upcoming sequel:

-In working-class London, a young boy tries on his mother’s corset, unaware of the horrific events about to unravel…

-In Ancient Pompeii, one woman’s desire for a child leads to bloody consequences, whilst the most infamous volcanic eruption of all time is about to begin….

-Henry VIII lusts after a woman who may be more dangerous than she seems…

-A lavish feast is laid out for Death itself…

For more chills, thrills and bloody spills, search Amazon for ‘The Ghosts’ Feast.’

And feel free to write reviews!


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