Character of the Month: October: Twinkle Foster


Image is from Bluecamel1 on Flickr. Creative Commons licensed for commercial reproduction.

Twinkle leaned back in her chair and clicked her fingers. There was a tiny burst of black light as her fingers made contact, and then a slim pink emery board appeared in her hands. Rowan jumped with fright and looked around, scanning people’s faces. No-one had seemed to notice, apart from her.

Twinkle proceeded to busy herself by pulling off her long gloves and filing her nails with the emery board. Her fingers gleamed with an assortment of finely-wrought gold rings, but she wore no wedding or engagement ring. From the corner of her eye, Rowan caught her give Bert one last, wistful glance.

– Extract from The Breathing Ghosts, copyright Eleanor Keane 2013.

 The unusually-named Twinkle Foster is a young Turned vampire who loves make-up, fur coats, fluffy skirts and high heels. She also happens to be Bert Wintergrave’s (current) girlfriend. On confronting her, Rowan’s first impression is that there is little more to Twinkle than long, fluttering eyelashes, kewpie-doll lips and a flirtatious manner. It seems unthinkable that Twinkle- vain, Bambi-eyed and needy as she is- could ever pose a threat to her. Even as a mortal, she was unremarkable as a failing, little-more-than-mediocre actress.

 But Rowan is soon proved very, very wrong, for underneath the sweet coating of frivolous clothes lies a truly dark heart. After an unexpected and brutal rejection, Twinkle’s syrupy-sweetness turns to bitterness, and her thoughts turn towards revenge- a theme running throughout the novel. It is not too long before Twinkle’s natural cruelty rises to the surface, pushing her further and further towards insanity, and equally insane deeds.

 As I wrote about Twinkle, I realized that there was more to her story than I had first anticipated. I liked the contrast between her girlish, butter-wouldn’t-melt appearance and her vicious true nature. I began to wonder how she became that way, who Turned her, and why. Slowly, a tale began to emerge about Twinkle as a young actress, scraping together a living at a run-down theatre; and the strange and striking man who strolls across the stage one night. The tale (The Ghost Palace) is one that I included in my short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast, and if anyone would like to know more about Twinkle and the dark desires she harbours, it is available to download as an ebook on Amazon.

Link: ‘The Ghosts’ Feast on Amazon


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