Character of the Month: November: Nathaniel Naughton


Image is one of the first daguerreotypes ever produced (of Robert Cornelius in 1839.) It is from Wikimedia Commons (licensed for commercial reproduction,) and available here

‘Nathaniel Naughton was tall and slim, with dark wiry hair, quick, expressive hands, and surprisingly strong arms. His nose, unlike Nerissa’s, was straight and even, but his lips were thin and his ears so tapered they looked almost elfin. For a vampire, he wore unexpectedly casual clothes- a black jacket, olive green shirt, jeans and black trainers. His only concession to luxury was the Rolex that gleamed on his wrist.’ -Excerpt from The Breathing Ghosts, copyright Eleanor Keane 2013.

November’s Character of the Month is Nathaniel Naughton, a dry-witted  and sharp-tongued mystery. Here are some of the things one does know about him: he’s a vampire, openly bisexual, fascinated by werewolves and cousin to the uber-powerful Nerissa Naughton. He acts as a foil to her cold, crisp and often cruel nature- their connection hints at Nerissa’s long-suppressed vulnerability, whilst throwing light on his own. As her last remaining relative, Nathaniel is, for Nerissa, a much-needed link to humanity, compassion and happier memories. As a character, he is loyal, sarcastic, cultured, clever and always ready with a quip. But in a brutal and bloody world of vampires and werewolves, Nathaniel’s humour is often his armour, and a way of denying the darkness both around him and within him. It also means he remains in the shadows, shrouded in mystery until his traumatic past is suddenly, finally revealed.

Whilst Nathaniel Naughton may be charming and sophisticated, underneath the vampire nurses the pain of a forbidden love cruelly ripped away from him. In running towards a fight, Nathaniel runs from the long spectres of his grief, but where he ends up may be another mystery… To find out more about Nathaniel’s story, please see The Breathing Ghosts and my accompanying short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast (in which Nathaniel is also a character.)


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