Welcome to the world of ‘The Blood Witching’- the official sequel to ‘The Breathing Ghosts’!

A little ahead of schedule, I’m thrilled to announce the publication of the official sequel to The Breathing Ghosts. Now available to buy on Amazon, The Blood Witching features many of the most memorable characters from its predecessor, The Breathing Ghosts,and delves head-first into dark desires, demented schemes and even darker rites:
Angelica Blackthorne is many things: beautiful, bold, cruel and in the grip of a madness that threatens to destroy her. Resurrected as a vampire sorceress known as the Blood Witch, Angelica’s lust for power knows no bounds, and she will stop at nothing to claim back her ex-lover, the vampire Nerissa Naughton- despite having murdered Nerissa’s family years before.
Nerissa Naughton may be powerful, but confronting Angelica could cost her everything-even with the help of an unusual alliance of vampires, werewolves, mortals and the vampire huntress Rowan Oakwood. With Angelica desperate to win Nerissa back, only three things are certain: hearts will be broken, blood will be spilled, and nothing will be the same again…
The Blood Witching is a dark vampire fantasy for young adults with humour, heartache and plenty of drama. It is the second title in The Breathing Ghosts Series, which has already received highly positive reviews on Amazon.
To find out more, visit my Amazon page, and buy the book for yourself- ready to start reading in under a minute, and a perfect early Christmas gift for any vampire devotee!
Please note: the amazing cover art is by the very talented graphic designer, Rebecca Weaver.
PS. In honour of the new publication, I have turned the text blood red on purpose! 😉

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