Character Of The Month: December: Nerissa Naughton


‘Nerissa waited until Vikram had left, and then looked down at the body on her lap. Her victim’s eyes stared back up at her, blank and brown and dead. Nerissa placed her hands under the girl’s waist and threw her off her lap. Her body hit the floor with a dull, fleshy thud. Her hair fell like a veil over what remained of her savaged throat.

Nerissa looked down at the corpse.

“Forgive me,” she whispered.

After a moment she stood up and strode out of the booth, pulling the curtain behind her.’- Extract from The Breathing Ghosts,  copyright Eleanor Keane

[Rowan] felt a sudden irrational urge to go across to Nerissa. There was something about the vampire that seemed so alone, so solitary- the way she dressed all in black as if in perpetual mourning, the solemn way in which she spoke, and the way in which she seemed to have so few friends-apart from Nathaniel, of course, who himself was something of an enigma.

Family seemed to be everything to Nerissa, and the only kind of true emotion she had heard from Nerissa was been when she had talked about her family.

Or at least, the memory of that family. Now they had been ripped away- slaughtered…in revenge- and there was nothing left of Nerissa but a cold, hard black shell.

 -Extract from The Blood Witching, copyright Eleanor Keane

Nerissa Naughton is good at being a Goth, bad at following rules, and truly terrifying as a vampire. über powerful and über vicious, she’s one psychopath not to be trifled with. She has no morals, no conscience and no boundaries. What Nerissa wants, Nerissa gets- whether it’s power, influence or one of her many female lovers. Her sharp wit, casual violence and deliberate cruelty all play a part in covering up the deep scar tissue of a tragedy that nearly destroyed her. But some scars can never be truly hidden, or healed, for Nerissa’s one great love was also her one great mistake, and now her heart is withered not only from cruelty, but also from guilt.

 When Nerissa fell in love with a powerful and beautiful vampire witch, madness was already growing within her lover like a cancer, and when the relationship eventually broke down- after decades together- the dark worm of that madness led to her lover slaughtering all but one of her family members. Now with only her cousin Nathaniel left alive to link her to the past, Nerissa is a one-woman tornado of destruction, hell-bent on destroying the woman she once loved. As bloodthirsty as a Fury and as focused as a freight truck, it seems that nothing can stop Nerissa in following her revenge. But can Nerissa truly kill the woman she once loved so passionately? Or will her beautiful, scheming ex-lover succeed in her own plan to win her back- be it undead or alive? And why does the vampire hunter Rowan Oakwood have such a hold over her?

 Whatever the future holds in store for this anti-heroine, it won’t be bright, it won’t be pretty and it will be bloody… uncover the twists and turns of Nerissa’s past and the shadows of her future in The Breathing Ghosts, and the new sequel, The Blood Witching.

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