Come To The Dark Side: We Have Cookies: Or, How To Get Nerissa Naughton’s Style

Images from here on Tumblr

‘The woman was striking, and something about her tallness and the way in which she stood suggested power- a lot of power. It crackled like electricity all around her. She had long black hair parted in the centre of her head, and a broken, disjointed, almost leonine nose. She wore a studded black leather jacket over a plain dark hoodie, black jeans and black boots with stiletto heels, which only exaggerated her height. She wore fingerless leather gloves to match her jacket, silver filigree rings on every single one of her fingers (even her littlest ones) and her eyes were heavily rimmed with kohl. On her right hand she wore a ring with a sapphire stone that looked antique.If Rowan hadn’t known she was one of the undead, she would have assumed she was some sort of gothic rock star.’-Extract from The Breathing Ghosts, copyright Eleanor Keane 2013.

You may have read my books, you may have read this blog, you may have caught rumours of there being a new vampire queen on the block, ready to cause bloody havoc. You may be intrigued and interested in Nerissa Naughton and her individual Goth style- black hair, black lipstick, leather trousers, her beloved leather jacket and her many, many rings- all served up with more than a hint of defiance. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Close your eyes, lean back in your black leather armchair and dream yourself into Nerissa’s mad, bad and really rather dangerous world…

1. Get yourself some Gothic garb. First things first: Nerissa wouldn’t be seen dead in anything pale, pretty or pastel. If it’s not black, it’s going back. And in case, you hadn’t heard, leather is the new denim. (Image below from here on Pinterest.)

-Scroll through the Goth Style boards on Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration, the official Tumblr for The Breathing Ghosts, or gothic style site Haute Macabre.

-If you live in London, take a trip to Camden Market, and lose yourself in one of the many awesome shops specialising in Goth leather-clad clothes and truly towering black platform heels. (Camden also has row upon row of silver rock-star rings and heavy metal jewellery fit for both Hell’s Angels and hell-raisers. See here for this guide to Camden’s blossoming Goth scene.)

-Bring some gorgeous gloom to your bedroom with an amazing Edgar Allan Poe cushion (yep, you heard right! Available to buy from here, image from the ‘Gothic Decor’ board on Pinterest- here)

Edgar Allan PoeThrow Pillow

-Alternatively, shop online for Victoriana-inspired vintage black lace gloves, leather jackets and Billy-Idol style trousers that I’m sure Nerissa would approve. If you’ve got money to burn, get your hands on the stilettos Nerissa loves so much, and check out these Louboutin shoes, or these ones below:

Gemma Dagger limited edition boots by Terry De Havilland

Limited edition ‘Gemma Dagger’ shoes by Terry de Havilland (image from Pinterest here)

2. Feed your head with some marvellously macabre Goth sounds. My own personal favourite is:

-Siouxsie and The Banshees for creepy, glamorously Goth lyrics and an even more glamorous lead singer (the iconic Siouxsie Sioux herself- one of Nerissa’s own personal style icons :P) One of my favourite albums of all time is Siouxsie and The Banshees’ Nocturne– a fantastic live album.

Images from here on Tumblr

Other music includes:

-The Cure (one of Nerissa’s all-time favourite bands)


-The Velvet Underground

-Joan Jett

-Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring.’ (Music about dark rites, human sacrifice, and some very creepy elders: If you don’t think this is Goth, check out the story behind it!)

3. Read some dark and decadent reads. A few suggestions to get you Goth-Goth-going:

Goth Chic by Gavin Baddeley

The Lazarus Heart and Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite

The Crow by James O’Barr (Nerissa’s favourite graphic novel, and one of my mine too)

Salome by Oscar Wilde

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Dracula (of course!) by Bram Stoker

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles (I recommend The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned.)

-Anything by Angela Carter

-And of course, The Blood Witching, my new sequel!

4. Get the popcorn ready, settle back and watch:

The Crow (the film version- 1994)


-Dracula (I’m obsessed with this new TV series, and it also has a lesbian storyline that I’m sure Nerissa would like. At 9pm on Thursdays on Sky, in the UK.)

Interview With The Vampire (Tom Cruise is amazing as Lestat!)

5. Goth-up your YouTube with:

-this Bookends video/interview on Goth culture

CupcakeVamp’s guide on how to get a gorgeous Goth look

6. Feeling darkly domestic? Make ‘Vampire Bite’ cupcakes (recipes and ideas at Cupcakes Take The Cake.)

Image from here

Or yummy Earl Grey and Poppyseed Tea Cakes: (Image from Pinterest on here)

7. Want to know what’s out there on the Goth scene? Why not visit:

-the Electric Ballroom and Electrowerkz both host Goth club nights (see here)

MissJade does a great guide to Goth and Alternative London (and Berlin as well!) including the London Gothic and Queer Alternative groups and even an ‘alternative’ bring and buy sale! 😛

Image from Gothic Style on Pinterest (available here)


There are more links to the Goth scene on the official website for The Breathing Ghosts Series.

 Heads up to any wannabe-Goths and baby-Goths out there: I have been a fan of the Gothic subculture for a long time, but the characters I write about are purely fictional, and I do not condone or aim to promote violence, drug-taking, reckless or dangerous behaviour. To me, being a Goth is about being true to yourself and respecting others’ differences. Be safe and have fun!

Image from here


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