February: Character(s) of the Month: Valentine’s Special!

‘Courtly Love’ from Wikipedia (here)- Creative Commons licensed for commercial reproduction and modification

In honour of the ever-approaching V-Day, I have decided to spoil you all (mwa ha haaa!) with not one, not two, but THREE couples for this month’s Character(s) of the Month! The story of their love (and, occasionally, loathing) lies at the bloody beating heart of  the Breathing Ghosts Series, so tune up your violin, stoke up the fire and prepare to lose yourself in three sets of decadent, deadly romances……Who said Valentine’s Day was dull? :p

1. Nerissa and Angelica

Ah, Nerissa, Ah, Angelica. Two of  the most flawed and damaged vampire characters of The Breathing Ghosts Series, and yet- in my humble opinion- two of the most interesting. When Nerissa first meets Angelica, even she doesn’t yet know that their love story will be one that spools out over centuries, culminating in a brutal and bloody tragedy and Nerissa’s quest for revenge. For Angelica isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill blood sucking vampire, she’s also the Blood Witch: a breaker of hearts, a destroyer of promises, weaver of spells and turner of torment. With her delicate, ethereal beauty and beguiling nature, she is Nerissa’s kryptonite, the chink in her black-clad Gothic armour. Will Angelica succeed in winning Nerissa back? or will Nerissa revenge herself on the one woman she’s truly loved?

2. Virginie De L’Argent and Nicholas Naughton

Who could be possibly worse than Nerissa Naughton? Well, her mother, obviously. Ruthless, cruel, bloodthirsty and seductive, when Virginie meets the wry and witty Nicholas Naughton in the 1500s it sparks off a love affair that lasts through royal beheadings, royal scandal, murder and six children- their daughter Nerissa included. And when it comes to Nicholas Naughton and his mate, not even Henry VIII can stand in their way. Discover what happened on that first, fatal meeting for yourself, in my short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast.

3. Rowan Oakwood and Violet Valvayne

As a vampire hunter, Rowan should hate all things vampire, and the death of her parents by a vampire years before does nothing to cool her bitterness. But when Violet tumbles into her life, with her dainty doll-like looks and vulnerable, bird-like nature, Rowan finds herself enchanted. As Violet struggles to break free of her brother’s grasp, she falls ever more into Rowan’s arms…but can Rowan ever be there to catch her? As the last vampire hunter of her kind, Rowan finds herself torn between the duty she owes her parents and the duty she owes her heart. Which will she choose?


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