YouTube Videos from the London Author Fair 2014!

NB- this is NOT me! Image is from Wikipedia (here) and is Creative Commons licensed for commercial reuse!

Hi there good folks! Last month I went to the London Author Fair in Covent Garden, and attended a series of talks and workshops on self-publishing, marketing your book and finding a literary agent. It was an informative and interesting day, with a really high calibre of speakers (including the author Adele Parks.) I’m pleased to say that some of the talks from the Fair have now been put on YouTube (yay!) So if you’re in a ‘writerly’ mood or would like some advice, help or tips on how to make it as an author, look no further!

How To Get a Literary Agent

Helping Readers Discover Your Books (using Goodreads) Just for your information, The Breathing Ghosts Series is also on GoodReads!

Fast Forward: Publishing Today and Tomorrow

For more videos and information, visit authoright on YouTube, or- if you’re so inclined (and I hope you are! 😛 ) you can even look up my own recent reading from The Breathing Ghosts! Happy writing! 🙂





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