Character of the Month: March: Edgar Valvayne


“But what about Edgar?” Rowan asked. “What was he like?”

“In terms of Edgar Valvayne, he was rather a weakling in life, to be frank, and plagued by bouts of influenza and nerves. As it says here: Edgar Valvayne was uncommonly frail as a mortal. However, as a vampire Edgar Valvayne was no longer susceptible to illness, but he was able to appear physically weak or effeminate whenever he pleased, therefore lulling his victims into a false sense of security.”

Edgar Valvayne is calculating, shrewd and manipulative. He is also the eldest brother of Violet Valvayne, and constantly undermines and belittles her. He is, in short, a bully in a finely cut suit, with all the style and grace of a panther. He is also a great fan of chess, which means he plans his verbal battles and traps with minute precision. Every move is calculated to shock and provoke, and with his vampire prowess and indisputable bloodlust it seems that he really could be invincible. But he has one fatal flaw- a secret that he is willing to stake everything on, just to keep…for he lives for a desire that could change them all- and none so more than his sister, Violet, who is struggling with her own desires.

Edgar’s own desire drives him to extremes- and into the path of the vampire hunter Rowan Oakwood. That one night will have huge consequences, and nothing in the dreary House of Valvayne will ever be the same…


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