Calling all writers, artists and creatives! ‘The Breathing Ghosts Series’ wants you!

Hello fang-tastic readers (yes, cheesy I know!) you may have noticed a slight change in this blog recently, in that I am now including book reviews as well as ‘Character of the Month’ posts, essays and general news on The Breathing Ghosts Series. So far I’ve been concentrating on vampire fiction, mainly based at a YA (young adult) audience, but I’d like to open it up as well to anyone who’d like me to particularly review their work- whether it be a book or an ebook, or if anyone is feeling creative and would like to write a guest post, send in some  artwork (I love art, and my website has a gallery,) or even be interviewed for the blog itself.
My guidelines for submitting material for review are as follows:
-PDF of (published or self-published) book or ebook (as long as it’s on Amazon.)
If you particularly want me to read a published book that you haven’t written and then review it, please send me the bibliographic details (i.e. author, title, etc.)
Feel free to send me:
-YA literature, or work with YA themes
-LGBT-themed work
Fiction with supernatural/paranormal/magical/vampire elements (think along the lines of Angela Carter, Poppy Z. Brite, Jeanette Winterson, Anne Rice, Sarah Waters, the Brothers Grimm.)
-Articles on subjects you feel passionately about- especially if its to do with LGBT issues or feminism, although this is not a prerequisite!
-Fanfiction! (It can even be on my work, if you really like! :P)
-Fairytales or folktales you’ve written or heard about, whether reworked or even traditional in style (I love fairytales!)
-Historical fiction (I especially like fiction set in the Victorian era)
-Short stories
-Artwork/illustration(particularly if it’s vampire-related :P)
-I also like Gothic-themed work (think along the lines of Susan Hill or Mary Shelley) and above all, lots of imagination! 😉
I’m very interested in giving new or aspiring authors a head start. If you are such a writer, or if you would like the publicity- particularly as The Breathing Ghosts Series is active on Facebook and Twitter, with many followers and varied blog posts each month-then please do get in touch. (See the email address below.)
For more information contact me on:
Length: Up to you- short stories or works in progress are also fine-but I will need time to read a full-length novel.
Please do NOT send me:
-erotica (it’s just not really my thing, I’m afraid)
-Anything that has a high quota of sexual violence, rape or violence against women (I feel very strongly about this and am likely to reject it if this is the case.)
Please note: All reviews will be posted to The Breathing Ghosts Series blog, promoted on Facebook and Twitter, and then added to The Breathing Ghosts official website, with, if preferred, a link to your webpage/Amazon page/buy links/blog etc, and/or a username if you’re on a forum. (This is entirely up to you.) I give honest, fair in-depth reviews, and assign a star rating (up to ten stars) for each work/book or article. I do not charge for reviews, and I am not sponsored or affiliated with any authors or publishing firms- therefore all my reviews are independently given, and are solely based on my opinion only.
From now on, I also officially accept requests for interview:
If you are a writer who would like to be interviewed on The Breathing Ghosts Series blog (please see here for an example of a recent Breathing Ghosts interview,) please contact me on I would appreciate some information as to why you would like to be interviewed i.e. what your book is about, whether it fits my criteria etc, as well as buying links/photo if preferred. I will then email you some questions about your work, and post the completed responses on the blog! 😀
One last thing:
As a self-published author, I am always interested to hear what others think of my work. If you would like to review my work (i.e. on your blog/site)in exchange for a review by me, please let me know at
So what are you waiting for? 😛

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