Lesbian storylines, vampires and absinthe: New article by Eleanor Keane for ‘Dark Gothic Resurrected’ Magazine!

(Images are from here on Tumblr)

Drum roll, please! Did anyone enjoy watching Sky Atlantic’s series of Dracula? (You know, the one with Johnathan Rhys-Meyers as a smooth-as-silk Victorian Dracula?) And did anyone else feel gripped by the prominent will they-won’t they lesbian storyline between…wait for it…Lucy Westernra (played by Katie McGrath, of Morgan-Le-Fay Merlin fame) and Mina Murray (played by Jessica De Gouwe)?* No? Yes? Having withdrawal symptoms? Eager to learn more? Head on over to Dark Gothic Resurrected’s Amazon page to see my article on the storyline in their new brand-spanking Summer 2014 issue- ‘Vampires, Lesbians and Plenty of Absinthe: The Lesbian Storyline in TV’s Dracula’** for yourself!


Please note: Dark Gothic Resurrected contains content that is not suitable for peeps under 18! Sorry!

*Judging by the Tumblr, fanfic and fan pages dedicated to, ahem, ‘Lina’, [Lina= Lucy+Mina ] surely I’m not the only one intrigued…

**Just so you know, the title’s deliberately tongue-in-cheek (as fans of Dracula will know!) and not meant as an advertisement for absinthe-drinking itself- yeeeuck!


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