Character of the Month: August: Fiamma

Image from here on Tumblr

The character of Fiamma is first introduced within ‘The Ghost Flame’ in The Ghosts’ Feast, my short story collection, written specifically to accompany The Breathing Ghosts Series. She is a headstrong, wilful Venetian orphan with bright red hair and a nature as fiery as her name- for ‘Fiamma’ means ‘flame’ in Italian. The orphanage is which she grows up in provides no refuge, and Fiamma escapes at the earliest opportunity- only to find herself penniless and alone in the winding streets of Venice. Reduced to begging, a chance encounter with one of the Carozzi family of vampires changes Fiamma’s life forever- and quite literally, when she is changed into a vampire. But soon, happiness at her new situation turns to obsession, and obsession turns to lust, yearning and ultimately murder. An impulsive decision has devastating consequences- consequences seared in fire and wrought in tragedy. When we next encounter Fiamma, it is as one of Nerissa Naughton’s lovers in The Blood Witching, and she is no longer destitute, homeless or abandoned. She is, however, just as feisty, independent and strong as before- except that now her past is scarred with secrets, lies and- unusually for any vampire- a sense of remorse. But what has Fiamma got to feel remorseful about? What is it that she struggles to forget? And why is she so intrinsically linked to the tragic Carozzi family?

Find out in The Ghosts’ Feast.



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