Character of the Month: December: Viginie Naughton

Portrait by Berthe Morisot, via Google Images

I’ve decided that, at least for now, this months’ COTM will be the last COTM- mainly because I’m running out of characters, and also because I feel that the time has come to move onto something new- at least initially. (The COTM may return if I feel a particular character is worthy of it!) From January I will be embarking on a new monthly post- ‘Literary Hero of the Month’ where I focus on a fictional/literary character that has meant a lot to me, inspired me, or that I particularly like. And, of course, as part of my open call for contributions, you are all very welcome to send in your own suggestions!

But for now, without further ado, here is the last (*sniff sniff*) COTM…and it’s a good one…

Virginie Naughton is the mother of all matriarchs- strong, resourceful, cunning, incredibly beautiful, loyal and the mother of  six uniquely powerful vampires. (Four headstrong boys, two girls- one of which her notorious daughter Nerissa.) She hails from France, but is older than time itself, and effortlessly multilingual. She can also be cruel, merciless and relentless in her ambitions- and she has a magnetic charm that all but ensnares her vampire husband, Nicholas. As a Born, she is powerful and dangerous, and as a woman she is by turn seductive and beguiling. Her death leaves a hole in Nerissa’s life that can never quite be filled- as well as a bloodthirsty desire for vengeance. But she herself is still shrouded in mystery, and as she hints at in The Ghosts’ Feast, she herself is unsure as to her own parentage. For good or ill, Virginie leaves an impression on all whom she meets, and even after death, she can never be forgotten…


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