Interview with Fantasy Artist, Lisa Parker

LPWIP‘His Master’s Voice’ (a work in progress) copyright Lisa Parker, used with permission of the artist

Hello readers! Take a trip into magic and mystery with this brand new interview– who says I don’t spoil you- featuring the very talented fantasy artist, Lisa Parker. (Whose work is so popular it’s even been used for jewellery, figurines, bags and collectables by Nemesis Now, and for mugs and cushions on Amazon!) Lisa has taken a break from her busy schedule to share with you all her insights on designing amazing artwork, who and what inspires her, and whether fantasy art can ever be commercial… so let’s begin! ūüôā

1. Hello Lisa, and a warm welcome to ‘The Breathing Ghosts Series’ Blog! ūüôā For any readers who may not be familiar with your art, would you mind introducing yourself and your work?¬†
Hi my name’s Lisa Parker, I am a wildlife witchcraft artist and product designer.
2. ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ Series deals with themes including the supernatural- particularly in ‘The Blood Witching’– and ‘other worlds’. Does any of this inspire your art, and if so, how?¬†
Definitely witchcraft, the supernatural creates drama and its really fun to paint.
3. Do you feel that fantasy art can still be imaginative, and yet also commercially viable?
Yes- especially in artwork, the same rules apply whatever you are drawing. You can tackle more obscure subjects and as long as its executed correctly i.e composition and focal points then it should still be commercial.
4. What are the highlights and challenges about being an artist? 
The highlights are being able to do the work itself, its great fun challenging yourself and achieving personal goals. Particularly this year I have ventured more into drawing exactly what I want.
¬†Dealing¬† with licensing and balancing everyone can often be quite tricky. Often two companies want the same product. Also all the paperwork with contracts seem to get in the way when all I want to do is draw ūüôā
5. Do myths and legends play a role within your art?
In a way, but I am predominantly witchcraft, I like to hint at something¬†with my artwork so the viewers imagination makes up the rest. I am a big believer in not telling viewers about the artworks meaning. If the artwork cannot speak for itself then I haven’t done my job.
There’s so much more to creating a feel than the subject itself, a colour scheme, lighting or even the direction of brush strokes can provoke feeling and I love to do that.
6. Do you admire any particular artists/writers/other creative people? 
Robert Bateman, I am a huge fan! He creates drama even when he draws a twig.¬† There are so many artworks I’ve seen that I love, trouble is I can never remember names, I’m useless like that. (you’d never want me on your team in a pub quiz).¬†Just recently I was totally blown away by some ice sculptures I saw on Facebook.
7. How important is imagination within your work? 
The most important thing. There are a lot of copycat artworks out there.¬†Each artwork¬†has¬†got to come direct from the soul,¬†only your soul.¬†¬†This will make your whole style, and portfolio consistent. I would hate anyone to look at my artwork and think they’ve seen it before.
8. Do you have a favourite piece of artwork? 
That changes all the time. I am such a perfectionist that straight after I have done an artwork I pick faults in it. Usually when the artwork is a few years old I don’t even want to look at it.¬† At the moment I would say its ‘His Masters’ Voice’. [See the image above.] I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received, I do naturally love to draw subjects a little more intense and I was really pleased at the response to it.
9. How do you go about designing a piece of art? 
Most of the time its a finished artwork in my head just ready to draw. ‘The Way of the Witch’ [available to view here] was harder. I kept swapping the compositions over in my head months before I even started it. I have to see it working in my head as a complete piece before I even start.
You can find out more about Lisa’s work here, or via her Facebook page. Thanks Lisa!

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