A Quick Update from the Author! (AND a freebie!!)


Image is CC licensed for commercial reproduction

Fear not, fangtastic followers! I have not forgotten you! For, although I have been away on hiatus for seemingly FOREVER, I’m doing it in order to concentrate on writing the third installment of ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ Series, and I can’t really do that whilst blogging at the same time. I’m afraid progress has been very slow of late, due to some important (and unavoidable) personal commitments, and the onset of a bit of writer’s block (aaaaargh.) But I AM making headway, and so I thought I’d keep you all updated (before sneaking back off on hiatus again.) So far:

1. I have got back into the swing of writing (hurrah!) and am bumping up the word count with brand-new scenes and action.
2. I have also organized all my plans/scenes/chapter layouts (even though I HATE planning,) and planned out brand-new reviews and blog posts for when the novel is complete.
3. I am also thrilled to be going to the Young Adult Literature Convention  next month, where I will hopefully will be picking up tips on keeping the writing flowing!

So in the meantime, why not treat yourself to the first two novels in the series- ‘The Breathing Ghosts’– which is currently FREE, YES FREE!!! on Amazon- and ‘The Blood Witching’, or even to my short story collection, ‘The Ghosts’ Feast’, which includes many of the TBG characters. I will keep on writing, and be back with you as soon as I can! 🙂
PS. If you have any questions or comments on my writing process/progress, you can always contact me here!

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