A ‘Breathing Ghosts’ Halloween for chills and thrills!

Image from Google, Creative Commons licensed for commercial use and reproduction.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, my fangtastic followers! Apologies for the loooong silence, but I’m still writing furiously away on the THIRD NOVEL in ‘The Breathing Ghosts Series’ (ooh, exciting!) and will keep you all updated, have no fear! In the meantime, why not try out some of these spooky, scintillating and spine-tingling events and ideas to make your Halloween frightfully good? 😛

1. If you’re feeling brave enough, visit Ordsall Hall, a historic family home said to be haunted by a mysterious ‘White Lady’…and there’s a whole load of other ‘haunted’ houses in and around Britain, listed here

2. Check out the Metropolitan Museum’s Pinterest board (‘Wicked Works‘) for eerie images of witches, skulls and a whole host of demons…

3. Make Halloween-themed skull cupcakes for little (and not so little) monsters to enjoy….Or, if that’s not enough for your spooky sweet tooth, why not go the whole hog and create an entire skull cake?

Skull Cake.

Image from DanaBellaRella

4. Fancy a few dried llama fetuses to ward off bad luck? Or maybe you want to stock up on owl feathers or frogs? Head to Bolivia’s very own Witches’ Market for all your ghoulish goodies!

5. Fancy dancing the night away? Go to Plague at Heaven in London for a Halloween party with plenty of DJs and ‘carnival-inspired extravaganzas’… (the mind boggles)

Image from here

6.  OR go to My Cuppa Tee’s Mad Hatter’s Halloween Party at the Star of Kings (in Kings Cross on the st) for fancy dress frolics and two floors of cool sounds.

Image from here

7. Go to ‘Halloween at the Union Chapel’, in Islington: The first event taking place as part of Halloween at Union Chapel is a performance of Gregory Motton’s outstanding musical version of Dracula. The second evening of Halloween at Union Chapel features the legendary composer Fabio Frizzi. Some of Frizzi’s most well known work includes scores from horror classics such as The Beyond, Zombi 2 and City of the Living Dead. Gregory Motton’s Dracula takes place from 6.30pm, Tuesday 29th October 2013 at Union Chapel. Tickets cost from £15.00 – £20.00. Fabio Frizzi performs live from 7pm, Thursday 31st October 2013 at Union Chapel. Tickets cost £20.00. At Halloween at Union Chapel under 16’s need to be accompanied by an adult.

8. If you’re in the US, why not try NYC’s Halloween-themed Village Parade?  Or venture into a haunted mansion (‘Nightmare Haunted House‘) on the Lower East Side? Other events are included here.

9. Don your best corset and sing-a-long to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Prince Charles Cinema in London (Nearest tube: Leicester Square.)

10. Visit a Great Plague-themed circus (yes, really)- go to the Circus of Horrors at the Lyric Theatre, London (Nearest tube: Picadillly Circus) for a circus set between the plague-ridden years of 1665 and 1666. Sword-swallowing, balancing acts and ‘devil dolls’…what’s not to love?

11. Curl up with popcorn and watch feminist horror movies, courtesy of Bitch Magazine.

12. Or, you are more of a bookworm than a movie-watcher, why not try one (or maybe all!) of these chilling reads instead? Here are a few of my picks:

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

The Bloody Chamber (short stories) by one of my favourite-authors-of-all-time, Angela Carter (I particularly recommend the short stories ‘Wolf-Alice’, ‘The Snow Child’ and ‘The Lady of The House of Love’)

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind (also see my ‘The Scent of a Vampire’ article for more information on Suskind’s work!)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving (no, not the film with Johnny Depp! Although that is pretty good too!)

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Creative Commons licensed for commercial reproduction

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Creative Commons licensed for commercial reproduction (originally from Flickr)

Lost Souls and Drawing Blood by another one of my favourite authors, Poppy Z. Brite

Reflections of a Vampire by Eileen Cadman (an ebook)

-Poems and stories by the master of terror, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

Creative Commons licensed for commercial reproduction (originally from Flickr)

-and…of course…my own novel, The Breathing Ghosts, and my short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast, for extra vampire delights!


Enjoy!  MWA HA HAAAAA!!! ;D


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