Merry Christmas! (and Happy Birthday Nerissa Naughton!)


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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the festivities, and perhaps raising a toast to honour Nerissa Naughton’s birthday today! (Hmm, or perhaps that’s just me?)

I reckon Nerissa would enjoy this birthday cake: 😛



But just in case the mince pies have already gone stale and the brussel sprouts aren’t making you swoon with excitement, how about curling up with my very own short story collection? Yep, that’s right, my short story collection The Ghosts’ Feast is on Amazon, along with the FIRST TWO stories in The Breathing Ghosts  Series. With stories of transvestite vampires, purple-eyed gypsy witches, partying in a decadent Venetian palazzo, murder, revenge, desire and even a cameo from Henry the VIII, it’s far better than those novelty socks your Nan got you!

So if you fancy injecting a little bit of vampiric glamour into your life, why not try it? Here’s what people have been saying about The Breathing Ghosts Series on Amazon:

‘This author always delivers…’

‘Intelligent yet inviting’

‘The historical details are brilliant’


‘Give me the next book- NOW!’

And if you’re yearning for more vampire books in your stocking, why not try the sequel to The Breathing GhostsThe Blood Witching? Macabre, menacing and magical, Nerissa‘s quest to destroy her ex-lover, Angelica, is one that you won’t forget!

And if you’re already a fan (or curious for even more,) why not check out my NEW Christmas-themed short story?

So fire up your Kindles, sip your hot chocolate, sit back in front of the fire, and get ready to read! The mad, bad and very dangerous world of The Breathing Ghosts is waiting for you…happy holidays!


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