A Tribute: David Bowie


This week I lost a friend- a friend I’d never met, never seen, and yet a friend nonetheless. His name was David Bowie, and he was a true musical icon and one of my heroes. I’ve felt a deep connection with his music ever since I was in my teens, and used to listen to ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and ‘Hunky Dory’ on my turntable. (I still do.) I have a Bowie T-shirt. I went to see an exhibition focusing on his life at the V&A. A Bowie poster graced my bedroom wall for years. I have at least four (probably more) of his albums on vinyl. I saw ‘Labyrinth’ in the cinema last year. I’ve even visited where the cover for ‘Ziggy Stardust’ was shot. I know the words to ‘Moonage Daydream’, ‘Lady Stardust’  ‘Kooks’ and ‘The Prettiest Star.’ The lyrics to ‘Five Years’ still give me goosebumps. And his death was truly, utterly shocking to me- he always seemed immortal, untouchable, a god of glamour and excess and gender-bending defiance. But now he is gone- the magic dance has ended, the glitter has finally faded.

Bowie’s death has left me feeling unquestionably sad, but also moved and somehow uplifted by the public outpouring of grief for him. It is clear now, more than ever, that his music touched the lives of millions around the globe, and he will continue to inspire rebels and dreamers for years to come. His life was not wasted- he lived every minute of it, and we can arguably take comfort and perhaps even hope from that. He was a shining beacon of hope for anyone who dared to be different. He was the singing, soaring voice of the outsider. The misfit, the rebel, the man who fell to Earth, the man with the changeling eyes, the alien with the lightning bolt face and stardust heart. He leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten, and he will live on through his music. He joined us for a brief while on Earth, to fill our lives with glitter and our heads with dreams, and now he has left to live out life’s last great adventure, as a starman in the sky.
Rest in peace, David Bowie. (1947-2016)



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