Important Writer’s Update: January 2016 (Or, what to do when your novel isn’t working)


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Hello lovely followers. Thank you so much for your support over the past few years as I’ve been writing and evolving The Breathing Ghosts Series. I’ve loved writing these novels, and the short stories that accompany them. I’ve loved writing this blog and creating and updating my own website. I’ve loved adding to The Breathing Ghosts Series Facebook page, YouTube, the readings, the networking…all of it. It’s been a dream come true. But I have to be TOTALLY HONEST here…even though I’m more than 200 pages into the third novel, and even with lots of editing and rewriting, it is still very much a work in progress. This novel has been a longer, harder process than any other. It’s been painful, frustrating, annoying, and slow. At first I just thought, ‘oh, it’s writer’s block’, and forced myself to write through it. But there was a difference this time- the writing just isn’t flowing. My passion to REALLY WRITE about it all just isn’t there. It’s kind of hard to explain. Don’t get me wrong- I love the plot, I adore my characters, I love all of you supporting and reading this blog. And I don’t want to let you all down. But I feel like I would be failing you all if I continued writing the third novel at this point in my life. At many points through this journey, I felt insecure about my writing, unsure and frustrated. Why was it so slow? Why weren’t the words coming? Why was it so darned HARD? But I also felt that not writing the third novel RIGHT AT THIS VERY POINT (literally, with that much emphasis) would mean failure. I know better now- I didn’t realize that I would only fail if I stopped writing completely. That I would only fail if I wasn’t being true to myself- and who I am now.

Over the past few years, there have been some significant changes in my life, and it has affected my writing, and also been reflected in my characters too. I am no longer in the same place that I was when I began writing TBG, I am no longer the same person. The stuff I want to write now will (hopefully) be filled with more humour, action and spontaneity. The truth is, whilst I was on hiatus (for AAAAGES- remember that?) trying to force myself to write TBG, I had a new idea for a novel that would be radically different in many ways. It is this which I want to concentrate on now. My plan is simple: write what I want to write, when I want to write, and then, at some point in future, return to the third novel of TBG (and this blog) and finish it off from a place of greater wisdom, strength and self belief. I want to write things that make ME feel good, that make me feel uplifted, happy, proud and enthusiastic. I will always be a writer- that will never ever change. I was born to write, I always have and I always will write. But now the quality of my writing will hopefully improve, my focus will shift and I will write what is true to me.

This isn’t goodbye, though. As I love writing book reviews and LHOTM (Literary Heroes of the Month) so freaking much, I’m going to set up a new book blog, (and when I do, I will post an update on here.) You’re all invited to follow me! My Twitter (EleanorKeane1) will remain the same, and I’ll still be tweeting there as well. You can still email me on, or through my website. I’ll be blogging, writing, and focusing on what makes me feel good. This blog will still be up, as will my website, although no longer with any TBG writing, sadly, as I really need to give myself a break. If this new novel idea takes off  (fingers crossed!) you will be the first to know!


I’m really excited about this new adventure in my life, and I hope to continue writing TBG at some point in the future. I hope you all support me, and best of luck in your own adventures!


Signing off for now,

The author,


Eleanor 🙂


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