New Writer’s Update: June 2016: Read a NEW CHAPTER from my BRAND NEW series!‏



Hey everyone,

Long time no see! Apologies for the silence, it’s actually been a very busy time for me and I have a great update for you all! FIRSTLY, I have begun a BRAND NEW YA* urban fantasy novel, which is intended to be the first in the series! My intention is to write this, and then return to the 3rd book in the TBG series afterwards, as I’m halfway through the 3rd TBG novel and feel like writing something new will spur me on to write something even better for the third installment. I’ve also joined a fantastic writing and critiquing group, which I feel has really helped my writing flow and progress. (I highly recommend it!) I’m also incredibly excited to announce that a new chapter from this new series is available for you all to read on the group’s official website, along with a new introduction (to my novel) and an updated bio. See for yourself here. (Scroll down for the new novel chapter.) I hope you all love it!
SECONDLY, I have a new book blog too! Specifically created for book and film reviews (usually of a magical/fantasy nature, hence the title,) my ‘Literary Character of the Month’ posts and other bookish-related things, the Fairydust Book Blog is now live, live, live! So what are you waiting for, check it out and keep updated! 🙂 (Please note: This blog- i.e. this page- will still focus on the TBG series mainly.)
Eleanor 😀
*YA- Young Adult (i.e. books usually aimed at a teen audience.)

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